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No Need For All The Pills - How I Manage My Diabetes

May 11th, 2016 No Need For All The Pills

There are many ways to get beneficial supplements wBitter Melonithout swallowing a bunch of pills. Foods like bitter-melon, which has insulin-like properties that is supposed to reduce blood sugar for diabetic patients. Bitter melon is a tropical and sub-tropical vine grown mostly in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. It is edible but very bitter as per its name. My wife incorporates bitter melon in her cooking by stir-frying it with beef, chicken or shrimp. I would say that bitter-melon is an acquired taste because of its bitterness. When cooked properly, seasonings masks its bitterness and the dish becomes delicious and dietarily beneficial. There are pills as well as teas that many people consume on a regular basis to help control their blood sugar. Bitter-melon is one of the many supplements claimed to have beneficial effects for diabetics. {To get a copy of her recipe, make a request by sending me a comment or email at}
CinnamonAnother good food to help with your daily fight against diabetes is cinnamon. A friend of mine swears by cinnamon pills. Cinnamon is a spice scraped from the inner bark of trees originally grown mostly in Sri Lanka, China, India and Ethiopia. There are different dosages available at stores. The most common one is a 500-milligram pill. I take two pills every day. Since we like the flavor of cinnamon, it often ends up in my wife’s baking such as in an apple pie.

Omega-3 fatty acids are usually associated with salmon and other oily fish. If fish is not to your liking, supplements are available. There are other sources such as flaxseed oil, walnuts, almonds, pistachios and dark leafy vegetables.

These are just three examples of Puzzle Wordsmany supplements available in the market that diabetics take to help control their sugar levels. But are they effective?

So what is the bottom line to all these? First check with your doctor. If you are going to take these supplements, be sure that your blood work include liver and kidney functions for these are the organs most affected by any medication.

Some are so convinced on the positive effect of these supplements. This may be true. After all, only you can fully assess the effect of any medication (or supplement) you take.