Discomfort in the Stomach


Stomach discomfort that needs to be checked out.

During my last visit to the doctor, I mentioned to him that I have this sensation in my stomach that I do not understand.  At random times, I would get this feeling as if I am hungry, even though I am not.  I was asked to see a gastroenterologist which I did.  During the visit, the specialist discussed the possibility of getting an endoscopy and a colonoscopy, but after additional probing, he did not suggest any additional procedure.  He said that I have a ‘rumbly-tumbly” stomach.  Oh no! It did not make sense that a specialist would say that to his patient.

At any rate I went back to my primary and he ordered an Upper GI series Fluoroscopy and an abdominal ultrasound to check my gall bladder and pancreas.  He told me that some diabetics are prone to gall stones and pancreatitis.  Ouch!  Well, at least these tests are non-invasive.

I had to go to an out-patient clinic for these two tests.  The abdominal ultrasound was a breeze.  It is a regular ultrasound checking for anomalies in the abdominal cavity.  This took less than hour, although it was quite messy with all the gel the technician has to use for the ultrasound probes to work well.


I had to take a contrasting medicine to show my upper GI track.

The Upper GI was more of a surprise.  It was actually performed by a Radiologist who is a regular doctor that specializes in radiology.  Unlike the ultrasound test which was conducted by a technician, the radiologist was the one who ran the machine.  I had to drink a 10 ml fizzy liquid and was asked not to burp. I was doing this while standing on a fluoroscopic machine.  The machine moved and made stay horizontal while they viewed my upper GI.  While the machine was moving around, I was drinking more liquid (to provide a good contract for the machine.

I will have to talk to my primary doctor to find out the test results.  Will keep you posted with the test results.