June 3rd, 2016 Father's Day 

Father’s Day iyoung fathers just around the corner. It is a day to celebrate Dads and it has been around for along time. In some countries, there are religious overtones as to when it is celebrated. Almost every country in the world has a special day to celebrate Dads.

In our household, it is a simple affair. Whether it is a dinner in a nice restaurant, or a backyard barbeque, we follow the same simple rule mentioned in my other blogs: moderation. Moderation is the key to managing my diabetes. We try not to stuff ourselves when we go out, or my wife make simple yet delicious and nutritious meals for the family.

With backyard barbeques, meat comes to mind. How can one not enjoy the simmering flavors from a hot grill? Hot dogs, steaks and hamburgers are the most favorite grilled food. Theremeat grill are many healthy reasons why grilling is healthy and benefits diabetics. First, fats drip off leaving less fat on the food. Second, the high heat from the grill is effective in sealing moisture and keeps food tender. This minimizes the need to add oils or butter to the food. In that effect, there are less calories. Third, vegetables retain more vitamins and minerals when cooked quickly in a grill.

Remember that cooking on a grill is not necessarily very healthy. Studies have shown that fat dripping into hot charcoal generates chemical reactions producing gases that may be carcinogenic. To avoid some of the negatives of grilling, my wife marinates the meat before putting in on the grill. This is her secret recipe. We did not know until recently that studies and research have shown the healthy benefits of marinades. Marinades containing garlic, honey, turmeric, and other herbs help overcome the negative effects of gases generated from fat falling down onto the charcoal. Studies also seem to suggest that the less time meat is on the grill is better for reduces the amount of potentially harmful gases.

slow cookerUsing a slow cooker to tenderize the meat is another technique my wife uses to help minimize the amount of time is on the grill. Once the meat is tenderized in the slow cooker, she puts the meat in the grill to give it the charcoal flavor. The bottom line is this: Marinate the meat or tenderize it first on a slow cooker to minimize the exposure to gases created by grilling. And of course, do not overeat or drink too much. Happy Father’s day to all dads around.