My blood work results just came in.  For the first time in almost 3 years, my A1C went down to 6.9!  Since 2013, this figure has ranged from 7.0 to as high as 7.6.  My doctor does my blood work every 4 months or so.

I believe the new medication has been instrumental in bringing my reading down.  In the last six month, my doctor added a family of “liptins” (“linagliptin” – Tradjenta, “saxagliptin” – Onglyza) to my Metformin regimen.  It appears to be working.  Crossing my fingers that continued use of these medications will continue to bring my A1C level down.

During this blood test, my cholesterol levels were also on target.  As long as I religiously follow my medical and physical exercise regimen I feel comfortable that I will be able to delay the progress of this disease.