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Manage Diabetes with Regular Doctor Visits - How I Manage My Diabetes

Doctor's Visits – Key to Managing Diabetes

Doctor visits and managing  diabetes go hand in hand.  I am happy!  My doctor discussed with me my recent blood work during my regular visit.  The results were good.  My Hemoglobin A1c went down from 7.2 to 7, over a span of 5 months.  This is still a relatively high number, and I am doing my best to keep it close to or better yet, under 7.0.  The good news is also I lost 4 pounds during the same period.  The chart below says it all.

Key Diabetes Metrics

Key Diabetes Metrics

















Other Test Results Needed to Manage Diabetes

In addition, all related results – triglycerides, cholesterol, kidney and liver functions were all within range.  In successfully manage and control diabetes, it is important to manage all of these other readings.  As mentioned in my previous posts, Type 2 diabetes could negatively affect one’s heart, kidney, circulatory system, and eyes. Diabetes takes a long time to develop.  There are no warning signs until the point where the other body organs succumb to the disease.  And when this happens, it may be too late – it would already be a full-blown disease. This is why it is necessary to visit your doctor regularly.

My doctor schedules me for an office visit every 4 months.  Before the visit, I go to the lab to get my blood work.  By the time I am face-to face with my doctor, he has the lab results in front of him  In my next post, I will discuss where I get my blood work.