Hi, my name is Fred. I started this website because I want to share my story, my insight, and what I have learned about living with Type II Diabetes. I want to also show that it doesn't drastically affect everyone in your family by limiting their diets or habits just to make me feel better.

At the bottom are my most recent journal post entries. I will try to post one each week talking about different topics, either ones that I can come up with or some that any of my readers have suggested. Hope you enjoy and potentially learn something!

Most Recent Journal Entries


Father’s Day iyoung fathers just around the corner. It is a day to celebrate Dads and it has been around for along time. In some countries, there are religious overtones as to when it is celebrated. Almost every country in the world has a special day to celebrate Dads.

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Tracking Your Progress

dashboard chart

You are the one that knows your body. You know how you feel and you know what the medications do to you. That is the reason why it is very important to keep track of vital data about your diabetes…


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No Need For All The Pills

Bitter Melon

There are many ways to get beneficial supplements without swallowing a bunch of pills. Foods like bitter-melon, which has insulin-like properties that is supposed to reduce blood sugar for diabetic patients. Bitter melon is a tropical…

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The Delicate Art of Cooking

Cooking is sCeramic Chefsuch a delicate art form that. My wife loves to cook, and I love to eat what she makes. We are the perfect duo. However, just because I have Type II Diabetes does not mean she can’t  cook what she loves and I am left basically eating vegetables and drinking water…

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